Guide to commissioning and prices:

Subject  /  sizeA4A3A2
Single person   head+shoulders35,- € 46,- €64,- €
Two people46,- €60,- €82,- €
Three people-82,- €118,- €
Four people-118,- €143,- €
Animal32,-€39,- €71,- €
Single person and animal46,- €71,- €82,- €

The cost of commissioning a portrait may vary - the final price depends on complexity of subject, if there are many details (such as long hair, very detailed dress or background... ) to create the picture will take longer time and the price can be a little higher. We will discuss the final price after the choosing the photograph and specifying the motive.

The postage is not included. (7,- € for european countries and 9,- € for non-european countries).

How to place an order? Its easy!

1.      Just email me your idea about the picture and attach the choosen photograph or photographs. Tell me also the term you wish to obtain your picture.

Choosing the motive and size of picture

If you would like to have a drawing of the whole person or nude from the photograph, it is also possible. We can modify the subject, combine more photographs together or add an extra background of portrait according to your wish. Think over what size of picture would be suitable for the space on table/wall of the person you want to give the picture to, and what will be distance she/he will look at the picture from.

If you are not sure, which photograph to choose, or you are uncertain about the subject, you can send more photographs, we will discuss them and we will together chose the most suitable one.

Quality of photograph

i can draw the picture from the digital photograph as well as from the paper photograph (I can asure you the paper photo comes back to you unimpaired together with your finished picture). The photograph should be of good quality, sharp, appropriately lit, and well focused. It is also always better if the photo has good contrast. Such a photo enables me to work more with details.

2.     I start the work after choosing the photo and specifying the subject.

3.      When I finish the drawing I email the photo of drawing for you approval and make adjustments, if necessary.  After you approval you will send me final payment and you picture is shipped to you via Czech Mail Service.

The picture is packed in firm flat carton cover wrapped in plastic.

4.      If you don´t wish the photo of your drawing to be put in one of my website galleries, please tell me your desicion whenever during the commissioning process.