I draw with pencil highly-realistic portraits of people and pets from photographs for my pleasure as well as for yours. You can see pieces of my work in virtual gallery. Also painting (with oil or combined technique) is for me favourite way how to express feelings, ideas, or admiration for nature. If you are interested in my work and would like to commission your own portrait please visit the 'How to order' section for more information. Enjoy!                                                                                                                                                                                                         Veronika

I use artistic acid-free paper Cancon for my graphite pencil drawings. This kind of paper is very durable and doesn´t turn yellow within a time, so the picture maintains its qualities for long years. Graphite pencil drawing can become a perfect and unique gift for various occasions. I can draw from photograph portraits of your loved ones, friends, your ancestors, or I can capture a special moment from your life. 

I use the very popular and widespread technique of graphite blending rather carefully. I believe visible pencil lines and strokes give the drawing vividness and authenticity. My intention is not simply to coppy the photograph, but to capture with graphite the personality of the one, who was staying in front of the lens...

I draw also the pets and animals. I admire their vividness and spontaneity. Our four-legs friends are able to express their moods, feelings and character with all their being, body, very rich mimics, position of ears, expression of eyes and jaw...  It is challenge for me, and also the pleasure, to try to capture the moments from their life.

I have started to paint after entering the grammar school, long time before the drawing became my hobby. My greatest inspiration is the nature. I mostly use oil technique, which offers great possibilities, but it is also quite time demanding. The paint is always covered with the protective lacquer after finishing the painting, which protects colour pigmets against reaction with oxygen and other influences of environment.